How long does it take to dry a load of clothes?

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Why would I need my dryer vent cleaned?

A dirty or clogged dryer vent has many biproducts that can be prevented:
  1. Helps to prevent Dryer Vent Fires
  2. Allows clothes to dry faster, and in ONE cycle!
  3. Extends the life of the Dryer
  4. Saves Energy!

We all know how expensive electricity has become in today's environment. With the push to save energy hitting the mainstream for various reasons, energy efficiency has become more important than ever.

What does a dirty dryer vent look like? For that matter, what does a clean dryer vent look like? Well, look at the picture below to see the difference between a dirty or clogged dryer vent, and the same vent after its been cleaned:

The difference between the before and after is evident.

After talking to the manufacturers of Dryer equipment, it has been communicated that professionals recommend that you have your Dryer Vent cleaned every three years, for all the reasons above.

It is for this reason that MR Cool has added Dryer Vent Cleaning, at no cost to home owners, to its Super Saver Contracts!

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Safety First!

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